Divya Agrawal

A Writer By Hobby

I have been fond of writing since childhood. This page is a small attempt to share it with the world. 

Onwards and Upwards! Always and Forever! 

Let's get lost in parallel universe coming soon


And this time, when the pages flipped📓 

 A new chapter seemed to begin📖 

 Nobody seemed to be on the same page, none knew the story ahead. 📋

It was all fresh!! 📝

And yes this time even if it's all black🎞 , I have got shades of it to paint...

Almost everyone in life goes through moments where we are forced to ask ourselves WHY ME??

Our mind starts questioning our existence and why did the things go the way it has went by. Our thoughts create a bubble around our ideas that do not allow us to look for the greater ahead.

Today, I have something for you to overcome this thought and to find a reason to grow above it, stronger and happier. 

If you're going through something that you are unable to connect to your deeds(karma) or your intentions, its majorly because you are the chosen one. Energies out there in the universe wants you to experience TIME.

Give time, a year to be precise and then comeback in your thoughts to check if it's still affecting the same way. What you can do right now,is dive deep into your mind and analyze,will this moment count 5 years from now?? and rest is your mind's call. 

When you fall in love, it's FALLING. Falling without the thought of the cushion to hold you.You fall with utmost trust and belief.You experience a sense of flight,just like the free fall would give you.You do skip a heartbeat.Don't you?? You feel the adrenaline rush and dopamine of satisfaction. Its magical❤ and something that everyone deserves to experience. Not just humans but everybody on earth.

But dear readers,

As time passes, even the sky diving feels comfortable, even the river rafting seems a mesmerizing sport. Which it is, but there is a chance to lose your life, to drain, to never be back.

But when you'll be back...GROWN,EXPERIENCED and STRONGER. It would all be worth it, worth everything that you felt.

And that day.. you'll be ready to fall all over again. To experience the adventure life wants.

Cherish the moments you spend with your partner and people around you. Never, never blame him or her for whatever happened. It was the circumstances that got you together and might make you stay together or even part ways. However, even if the story does not end the way you want it to,still it's YOUR LOVE STORY that was written for you, personally, magically.


YES, an ILLUSION you believed in and something that you would cherish forever.❤❤ 

With tons of love and strength,


It was class 7th when I asked my mom: "Maa, I need to fill a form where I have to mention my weaknesses, can you help me? "

She replied: You are ambitious.

After more than a decade, here I am finding the next thing with which I feel the most connected to, the ambition for which I can feel "class-7th-ambitious" about. 😌

People say go-slow, you're being greedy, that's not how life works! Come to the real world.


I don't call it greed, I call it hunger to achieve and excel, hunger to build and shine, much brighter and stronger.

Yes, I am ambitious and it is the weakness I am most proud of! 

Travel until you find that place that let's you feel closest to yourself. That has exactly same experience to offer that gives the same happiness each time you live it.

In the fast moving world🌍, we are all trying to fit into a city and to live a happy live based on what the city has to offer. I realized, we don't need that. Instead, I want to travel until I find that one city that can offer me what I want my life to be like, and I would not stop until I find it! 😌

I realized, I find joy in experience that has impacted me the most in a beautiful way.

I would go the same cafe, over and over again just to live the cumulative happiness that it has offerred me. 🙈

I would play the same game over and over again that has it's association with my childhood and siblings. 😁

I would have the same dish, just to relive the treasures of conversation that I have shared over it.🥂

I would read the same book again and again to embrace the value it adds each time I read it. 📜

And many more!

May your life be the way you want it to be! But before that, leaving you with a question. What do you want your life to be like?

Thanks for reading! ❤️